Having the right bra size is vital for comfort and support, yet many women remain unsure about what their bra size truly signifies. In this blog post, we will demystify the meaning behind those letters and numbers to help you understand your bra size better.

So what do those letters and numbers actually mean?

When you see a bra size, it typically consists of both a letter and a number. The number corresponds to what's called the "Band Size," indicating the measurement of your ribcage. The letter, known as the "Cup Size," represents the difference between your band size and your bust measurement. Together, these letters and numbers determine your bra size, helping you find the perfect fit.

The Numbers are the "Band Size" Which Refers to Your Ribcage Size

The number in your bra size represents your band size, which is measured around your ribcage just below your bust. It signifies the circumference of your ribcage and serves as the foundation for your bra's support. Band sizes typically range from 28 to 44, with smaller numbers indicating a smaller ribcage and larger numbers representing a larger ribcage.

So Why is My Bra Size So Inconsistent?

One common frustration when determining bra sizes is the inconsistency between different brands and styles. This discrepancy occurs because each brand uses its own sizing chart, leading to variations in measurements and fit. Additionally, factors such as fabric, padding, and style influence how a bra will fit your unique shape and size. This can make it challenging to find a bra that fits perfectly each time.

Understanding your bra size is essential for finding a comfortable and supportive fit. The numbers in your bra size indicate your band size, measuring the circumference of your ribcage, while the letters represent your cup size, indicating the difference between your band size and bust measurements. Keep in mind the inconsistency between different brands and styles, as this can affect the overall fit. Embrace your unique shape and explore various brands and styles until you find the perfect bra size that combines comfort, support, and confidence.


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